miercuri, 28 octombrie 2009


Welcome welcome dear hallowen…!

I’ll recive a lollipop,
I look like a real cop,
I have uniform and gun,
But I’m scared so I will run…

Hallowen, hallowen here we come!

We’ll recive a lot of candies,
We look like Casper and Wendy.
I’m a friendly ghost, you know,
But I’m scared so I will go.
Casper wait cause I’m scared too,
Please,oh please take me with you.

Hallowen,hallowen here we come!

I’ll recive a lot of chocolate,
I look like an angry pirate,
I just lost my hand, my eye,
I am bad, i’ll make you cry,

Hallowen,hallowen here we come!

I know that will be so funny,
I look like I little bunny,
I have whiskers,I have ears,
And I have a lot of fears.

Hallowen,hallowen here we come!

I will bust you if you fly!
Muhaha! I’ll make you cry!
Hihihi, you stupid guy!
I’m a rabitt, I can’t cry!

Hallowen,hallowen here we come!

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